Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I wish we had homeless that fought petty thugs for the good of mankind...

I went to Alex's/Courtney/Sam's house today and watched Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles with them. Whoa - it's been a long time, and despite the 80s music and hair, they were still pretty awesome. So I nailed out a couple of sketches then, and spent the rest of the day either working on my storyboard (day) or blowing the snot out of ships in a star wars game (night) hey - it's reading week, I'm allowed to have some fun - right?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Who said anything about 'attractive' art

Well, another day is more or less dead. I have spent the entire day drawing, and thinking, and drawing, and thinking etc., and I have managed to come up with 5 concept board panels, my characters are radically simplified for the board, and I have the surrounding stage completely fleshed out. I did TONS of studies of victorian architecture today, but since they are mostly very, very rough, and also since it is 5am, and I'm tired, I'm just not going to post most of it. So there :p

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Calloo, Callay, what a horribly unproductive day

Hey Guys,

Today I had a fantastic day, but failed yet again to produce anything mindboggling. That said I DID get groceries, I DID apply for a whole slew of jobs for the summer, and I DID have a fantastic supper at Alex, Courtney, and Sam's house. Unfortunately I also did miss Steve's thing he was going to do tonight because I don't have his contact information. D'oh! Anyways, so the stuff I did actually work on today are preliminary character designs for my Victorian Era set storyboard, and a picture with boobage in it for Alex. Cheers to you, my friend. Well, Adios folks, I'ma gonna read some bookage in my beddage, before turning out the lampage to do some hardcore sleepage. Goodnight Folks! If you're not in bed yet, you're working too hard.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I am so tired... you have no idea

this post is going to be super brief because I am super tired. The drawings I'm posting today are... crap to say the least. so. yeah. not great. they made good experiments, but you can't see the context. too tired to explain. going to bed now. byebye now, bedtime for me.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Mr. Clean Tell me is that really you? I wonder what you've done to become so big and dumb I know you can't change your lifestyle once again....

There we go - my day was just made- I got to put some Millencolin lyrics in the title of the post. Today I learned a lot more about colour in life drawing. The presence of a model, and the amount of colour schemes we push out in the 3 hours of class was phenominal for teaching me about colour theory. Not the sort of colour theory that you can read in a book - I've memorized most of that a long time ago, but the kind of practical colour theory. That said, the life drawings that I am posting may not be the best, in fact they are not my best, but they are a true representation of what I did today, and I think that I lreand a lot about colour, and they were very successful colour studies despite their failure as drawings.

I also speant 5 hours cleaning up the carriage. Well, not quite, a little under 5 hours. cleaning up takes a loooong time to make it looks nice. I think I succeeded on the first few, but once I got to the 3/4 drawing, I think my ellipses were off, and my line weight was not quite up to par. oh well.

For the remaining hour of the night, it's either Star Wars Galaxies, or colour experiments for me. I know what I should do, but I might just relax. I feel like I deserve it. yeah - there you go - I said the D word that I hate. Deserve. Recoil in disgust.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Excuses, excuses...

Well, Youtube is down temporarily, and all I worked on tonight was my animation, and an essay. I am far too lazy to draw tonight, and I was using my animation as my ace in the hole - sooooo I'll post my animation tommorow, and that counts as today's post. :p

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So tired I could sleep a Giraffe...

Holy crap I'm tired. These drawings were largely done for the sake of doing drawings, and they are absolute garbage. Except for the studies from Memoir's of a Geisha. They aren't detailed, but I wanted to study the shapes they used for the composition. I found it instead to be a useful lesson in staging - particularily in the cuts with 3 people onscreen (or more). I finished my animation tonight. Hurrah. Oh - I also learned about conflict. I always say that Contrast is everything - but then contrast is a conflict - so maybe then it's conflict that is everything. Except that I treat them both differently. For example, I did this character for our Perf. Art class and he had a conflict between his addictions. That probably means nothing to anybody but me because I haven't gone on to explain anything but I am so tired that I'm going to say goodnight. right there. right at the end of a sentence wihtout further elaboration. So good night, and if you are as dissatisfied as me with these sketches - just look at yesterdays... I should have posted some old ones - it would have bought me some time, but it would have been dishonest, and I would not have accomplished my goal.

PS: I forgot to mention. These layouts - though crappy they may be are an experiment. I am setting these up without any kind of thoughts aas to the setting at all. I draw a series of shapes, lines, or arrows that work compositionally, and then I start shaping them into whatever object I feel like ,or it begins to ressemble. I use this frequently with characters, but I am struggling a lot more with layouts. I will keep trying though - I think I could unlock some awesome sketches if I keep it up. I hope. 'night.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Contrast Rocks the Universe!

okay... so about a year ago I discovered that contrast was pretty much everything with pretty much everything. I don't care if it is life experiences, tone, colour, pacing in a story - it pretty much rocks the world. Today I learned this in a totally new way. I messed around with my contrast and brightness settings on my monitor, and then signed into Star Wars Galaxies and WHAMMO! wow - all of the sudden every planet in the game looked like a beautiful painting. It blew me completely away, and I can now totally do some awesome colour studies from the pallettes they used in the game. So tonight I have some SWG sketches to show off, and some doodles from in class. The rest of the day has been spent animating. Which is becoming less annoying. Hopefully this lasts!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Scanning Blues

I feel slightly ripped off with this particular post. I just spent the last 2 hours painting a really rough layout but I cannot transfer it digitally accurately because a) my scanner is too small, and despite now having the money to get a scanner, I am having a notoriously difficult time finding one b) my scanner is completely changing the colours in the painting. Fortunately the colours remained more or less intact when I shot it with a camera, and I am hoping to do the second half of this painting in photoshop. Perhaps afterwards I will then recreate it in actual paint. Perhaps not. In any case, this is a Work in Progress, definately not a finished product, but I feel quite content to have accomplished this much in 2 hours. The rest is all detailing, and I am much more confident doing this in photoshop than in real paint.

The drawings are little sketches that I technically did before bed last night, when I spent an hour doing some studies of random things. Most of it was either others work, or not great (such as the examples here) but it does show what I have been up to in the past day.

As for my homework - today I spent the day working on my animation. Through Kill Bill, Kill Bill 2, The Last Samurai, and then half of the Last Samurai with commentary on, I managed to clean up 36 drawings of around 130 due thursday. Keeeeep on truckin'! Also I went to go help out some friends of mine that are applying to animation.

Oh, and finally despite the fact that this post reads as monday at 6am, I still techincally consider this Sunday night, because I have not gone to bed yet. So this is my sunday post. Later Folks!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

And now for today...

Today has been pretty uneventful - and pretty full of work. That... sounds like a lot of days at school. Anyways, I had a very surprising amount of fun doing this assignment. I have a feeling that may have something to do with the fact that this is the first assignment that strongly uses perspective all year. Actually we still have yet to do a layout this year *cough *cough stupid layout teachers *cough *cough. Actually that is mean - we have had two fantastic layout teachers this year, but we have so far had a serious lack of any assignments, so I feel I have the right to whine about it despite the fact that I have to sacrafice sleep and whatever form of social life I currently have if we started getting busy in layout.

Anyways, these are the roughs for some victorian horse -drawn carriages. I included my rough lay in for the 3/4 drawing just in case Siobhan, Karima, or Steph would find it useful. I realize this is silly, because so far I haven't told any of them about this site yet. Plus it's pretty elementary stuff. But I figured I'd post it for the good of... uh... mankind... anyways.

Well, it looks like it's time for me to animate again now *groan... I can't wait until it's 2am and I can stop working and sleep... or ... something...

What I learned in Film History

Alright, alright, alright- I get the point. It's the first day of my resolution to post something that I did every day, and I didn't do it right? I swear to god I was going to, but then I went to a party, and forgot to draw something when I got back. That or I was just tired. People are allowed to be tired at 5 in the morning...

So this is my day after post of something I did in Film class. I'm not entirely cheating - this was drawn yesterday. and it sucks? Yeah - well I never said my daily posts would be masterpieces, but if I can draw something every day then I'm doing A ok in my books. Even more so if it's in colour, and even more still if it is outside of homework - but realistically there aren't always enough hours in the day to do stuff other than homework. Oh yes - and this daily post is not something that is going to be clean or professional. I am going to post whatever subject comes to mind, and type whatever foul language comes to mouth if it does. Which doesn't happen that often anyways. It also means that my grammar might be completely atrocious - largely depending on how many hours of homework I have fought through that day. At the end of one of those I'd be lucky to beat a grade 1 in an IQ test.

So please try not to take any offense to anything posted - I mean no harm in posting them, and I am very sorry if I hurt anyones feelings with charicatures, drawings, or anything else.