Friday, April 6, 2007

Problems in Game Engine

Hmmm - I got really close, but I'm now having troubles with the model. For some reason when I bring it into the game engine, there are some holes appearing. All of the Normals are pointing in the right direction, and I'm not sure what it could possibly be. Here are some screens demonstrating the problem while the mesh is loaded into the conversion tool to bring the model into POTC.

Please help me- anyone. any suggestions?

Sunday, April 1, 2007

If you're not half as excited as me about this - you're not coming to my birthday party - so there.


I absolutely love doing this model - but after starting 6 hours ago listening to the same 30 min Ramones CD that I have on repeat - I think that if I hear another Ramones song - I just might... I don't know turn it off... I'm also super hungry because I have only eaten an apple in this time. SO that means I'm going to go eat. Make some kind of big meal - I feel like I deserve to take the time even though this model is not homework, and from that point of view - a waste of time. My goal is to finish this by the end of the night so that tommorow morning Mike - our 3D teacher - can help me rig it so that I can import it into POTC. Man - once I get to texture this thing it's going to be the most rewarding thing EVER! I just might have to import him into every game I own. I mean - can't you imagine Grand Theft Auto 4 with Davy Jones? I'm feelin' it...