Sunday, January 27, 2008

1hr 38 min worht of reasons why Kevin Lanning is my new hero

Alright - so I picked up an AMAZING book on 3D modeling - not so much because it broke down HOW they did it, but because it showed the low poly meshes of a few of the models in gears of war. WOW. first of all, I lost hte ability to speak in words after seeing how they solved stuff, and just how amazing their work is, and then after hours of studying how they use bevels to create edgeloops (making it very, very easy - totally second nature) I was able to literally poop out this model. the last model didn't have anywhere near as much detail as this one, as nice edge loops - nor was it anywhere near as fast to make.

I'm now very confident that I can make realistic-ish 3D models, and I want to do a few deformation tests on this to see what it looks like, and my next project will be a realistic face. possibly a celebrity. I'm feeling old Ben Kenobi right now, actually. then after that I'll play in Zbrush for a bit, and hit some UV mapping tutorials. This summer is going to be the greatest summer EVER!

oh and if anyone wants to see my demo reel:

check out mine, and anyone else in our 3rd year program! Adios guys!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Imperial March

okay - so I'm not actually listening to any music.. .but the Empire Strikes Back Menu music is the imperial march, it has been going on for the last hour on repeat as I keep telling myself - just one more step before I can turn it off. and now I have. What an awesome movie.

Anyways, so here is the model the quick colour sketch, and the colours the model is supposed to be, and the render. wow. once this works, it's going to be beautiful... Mike Watters- you are a god of maya.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sympathy for the Devil

I'm running out of names, so I'm just going to start listing the songs that I'm listening to as titles unless I have something more appropriate. Expect a lot of Rolling Stones and Floyd... I'm on a very strange kick with both of them lately. Anyways - the silhouette is coming even closer, and Mike is going to help me render him and have the model look totally awesome for a portfolio. I can honestly say that this is the best that I can do - every ounce of effort that I have is going into this model. I wonder what I'm going to do with it afterwards? lol Guitar hero?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sleepy is me

Awesome - I'm really excited because the silhouette of the character is starting to read like the concept sketches that I started with. I also changed the pose a bit so that it looks a bit more natural which I think helped the overall appeal, and may help the character look natural when I rig it later. well. if I rig it.

Kind of a random comment, but Grandpa, if you are reading this, can you email me your email? I tried to send you an email the other day, but it came back. I'm just not sure how else to reach you.