Sunday, December 23, 2007

Time to pack! Home I go!

wow.... that's a couple of long days - here is the model so far - I just attached the head for kicks - the neck isn't positioned properly at all and the meshes aren't even sewn together. I just wanted to see them side by side.

Also - it is officially time for me to do some cleaning, and powerpacking so that I can catch the bus tomorrow... I... really hope they let me take my guitar with me... I don't know what I would do without it.

Unless I decide not to sleep for the 2 hours or so that I have to sleep - this will be my last post for a couple of weeks as I am heading home. I should still be drawing though - so hopefully I will have some new layouts by the time I get back.

oooh - and by the way - check out how all of the squares flow on the model... I'm so proud.. soo.. soo proud that it is working! The pecs flow into the deltoids and then follow down the back into the trapezius, which then circles around and flows around a plane on the bum and back up the other side. There's some other smaller stuff -but that is the main attraction as far as I'm concerned, as I planned it, and executed it completely on my own without any kind of tutorial help *while I was doing it. I still spent hours, and hours studying tutorials beforehand until I *think I got the jist of it. adios!

Friday, December 21, 2007

En Guarde!


been a while since I posted, but i've been working diligently every day. here is a HUGE update on the work that I have been doing on the Character Design for Maya. He now has a name - Darek. a personality too - but I'm tired and lazy, and it's going to be a long night - so I'll just post something nice to look at. by the way - just like 5 minutes after doing this, I adjusted the chin, and it looks like 10 million times better. I hate myself for jumping the gun.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Maya Modelling

Alright so I've set up this really sweet world that I don't want to talk about too much until I set up more so that I save the surprise for later. In any case - it's being built around a character that I am designing for my portfolio - and here are some of the more successful sketches. wow I am tired.

Friday, December 14, 2007

American McGee - here I come

alright so another update although there is still much night left to go. or rather a whole new day... I guess at 6am it's pretty much morning. or at least early enough for me to associate it with not wanting to wake up. Fortunately for me, I am still awake.

Anyways - I finished the second layout that I started last night, and as a warm-up, I tossed out another potential character Design for the 3D modelling project that I'm undertaking. I'm going to keep working on that as the night goes on - but I'm so proud of this layout that I wanted to post it. plus techincally I haven't been posting daily unless I post this today - so there is some motivation there too.

And wow - my dream would be for the likes of American McGee, Ken Wong, or Norman Felchle to pop onto my blog and critique this. it's still technically night so I can dream. I might submit it as fanart on the American McGee forum.... maybe it would get noticed? who knows - if not then at least it's a new audience of people, and a new source of ideas.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yesterday's work

this isn't everything, but I seriously have to get to work so these are the two major portfolio assignments that I was working on last night. I'm very happy with both so far!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

... Knees and Toes... or feet, rather

alright - so two nights of sketching in a row - two nights of prioritizing learning to conciousness in class - but I really do believe that this is helping me a lot. Also, it means that I get to put a delightfully blue streak across the date today which means two days that I have drawn for myself in a row. How long can I continue this hot streak? (ungh - and how much time can I spend uploading this stuff to like 3 different sites in the hopes of getting feedback).


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Babes, and Boba Fett

Well, it's been a long time - but while I was tossing my leica reel together tonight and talking to Gus, I started thinking about potentially working in the comic book industry. it sounds nice... I mean it's still sequential art, and I get to spend loads of time on each drawing making it exactly how I want it to be. Sounds awesome right? Plus appariently Dark Horse takes on a lot of new talent - which is awesome because they are the label that does all the star wars comics. ha. yeah

anyways here is just some stuff I felt like sketching. pretty much whatever really.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Grab the corkscrew, pop 'er open, and celebrate my first comission ever over a most deliciously refreshing glass of bubble tea


Today is a good day. First off, I'm posting the comission that I did for Up Front: A free indie magazine in ottawa. Check it out here:

Anyways this is the cover of the magazine - and here is to hoping I can pick up some more jobs like that one!

There is also a chance that I might be able to finish compositing this hell-spawn of a scene TONIGHT - which would be amazing, and it would definately mean an update soon. Hahaha I never thought animating a 28 frame animation would have taken this colossal of an effort.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cats, Cousins, and Cops

It's been a good while since I've posted anything. I should probably stop writing this because I seriously think that I put it on every entry that I write... Anyways, here is just a couple of character colour concepts for our group project about a Cat that gets tied up in a scheme with undercover cops and the mafia. far fetched? yeah, kinda, but it's a cartoon - loooong way from being done, but I am eager to post it at the very end of the year when (hopefully) we are finished. Oh - I just finished my first comission for Up Front - a free indie news magazine - it comes out this friday, and if you're too lazy to hitchhike to ottawa to pick it up, I'll be posting it up here once it's released.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Look it's a Pirate! AAAAAAH

.... couldn't resist one more... it had to be done or else I wouldn't have met my goal for the night...

Private Pirates, at your service!

a couple more sketches I tossed out tonight. it's 4am and I still can't stop drawing these characters. man animating this is going to be wicked. too bad I haven't finalized the main character to a polish that I love so much yet. It would make it a lot more bearable to animate.

Pirates - Detective Style

Alright -so I decided that these characters would be acting in a really cheesy Film Noir Detective romance kind of way - kinda like Casablanca, or the two recent classics that I have watched and absolutely fell in love with: Double Indemnity, and The Big Sleep. Oh man I need to feed this craving some more - good film noirs seem few and far between, but these were great - especially double indemnity. Anyways here are the designs.

oh and just something to note. I drew these yesterday, and I lost them because I am a fool. So I then spent 2 hours looking for them before redrawing them. I'm still not 100% convinced that these were quite as good as the others - but it's at least as close as I will be able to redraw anyways.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Workbook Sketches

I can't wait to colour these, and add in the characters because they look like they are pointing to nothing which is extremely displeasing to the eye. However this is necessary I guess to figure out exactly what the layout is going to look like. hm. I dunno. Anyways - life drawings and charicatures are coming as soon as I unlazy myself enough to take pictures and post them.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Editing with a cutlass 101

Hey guys

I first off want to apologize. I posted concept art that I did for somebody else during the summer, and I took it off because since I don't own the copyright, it's not mine to post. Second of all, I wanted to post some quick colours and layouts that I have been working on for the group project. cheers folks.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Posting ... all... the... time?...

Alright- sooo I haven't been posting. shame on me. Regardless, here is some workbook panels that I made for Mark Komza's layout class. Hope this is what we need...


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back again

Hey everyone!

okay - HUGE absence over the summer, but now I'm back and I'm going to post at the very least that painting that I did for mother's day. I'm not exactly sure what I'm putting up right now, but it's basically whatever else I have at my fingertips already scanned etc. from over the summer. I should be posting more regularily again soon.


oh yeah - well that is my family (mom's side), then there is two sketches that I did for amberwood, and finally there is a sketch of Tia Dalma that I did for the wading pool kids as a colouring contest.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The legacy of Wonderboy

I totally realize that this title has nothing to do with anything at all. however, despite all this, Ive been working on this for the past 2 and a half days, and I have to finish it by sunday so I'm losing the few straggling bits of sanity that I posess on a good day, and I therefore decided that I can call this whatever I want. I'm also listening to Tenacious D which of course has absolutely nothing at all to do with anything, of course.

Anyways- this is a mother's day present. in the works. Just felt like posting osmething / procrastinating. later folks!

I would also like to make a formal announcement: Vestibule. That was it.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Problems in Game Engine

Hmmm - I got really close, but I'm now having troubles with the model. For some reason when I bring it into the game engine, there are some holes appearing. All of the Normals are pointing in the right direction, and I'm not sure what it could possibly be. Here are some screens demonstrating the problem while the mesh is loaded into the conversion tool to bring the model into POTC.

Please help me- anyone. any suggestions?

Sunday, April 1, 2007

If you're not half as excited as me about this - you're not coming to my birthday party - so there.


I absolutely love doing this model - but after starting 6 hours ago listening to the same 30 min Ramones CD that I have on repeat - I think that if I hear another Ramones song - I just might... I don't know turn it off... I'm also super hungry because I have only eaten an apple in this time. SO that means I'm going to go eat. Make some kind of big meal - I feel like I deserve to take the time even though this model is not homework, and from that point of view - a waste of time. My goal is to finish this by the end of the night so that tommorow morning Mike - our 3D teacher - can help me rig it so that I can import it into POTC. Man - once I get to texture this thing it's going to be the most rewarding thing EVER! I just might have to import him into every game I own. I mean - can't you imagine Grand Theft Auto 4 with Davy Jones? I'm feelin' it...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

There's always a post and a warm cup of coffee on thursday. mmmm

Right now I'm taking blatant advantage of human nature. The reason I am posting this abundance of life drawings is not because all of them are fantastic - some of them are pretty good - yes, and I've started to comprehend how to use line weight properly. but really. really, really this post is more to cover up the pictures that I uploaded a few days ago while caught in the excitement of the movie. So if you defy your human instinct to scroll down the page, or to read all of the words written here - consider yourself a deviation. But I guess I'm just bitter 'cause you can make fun of me now.