Saturday, July 19, 2008

Studies, Modeling, and Guitar

Not the most eventful saturday ever, but I should be heading out with some friends later on tonight. It's very humid here, and despite the fact that it is making me lazy, I'm also bored, so I pretty much spent the entire day working on the Jeanne D'arc Model, and these drapery studies (I spared you the ugliest ones). A good hour or so in the backyard playing guitar too, but it was raining, so I didn't stick around too long, for fear of damaging the guitar. well here is the delectable delicacy of the day!

PS I'll post the Jeanne D'arc model when I've worked on it more, and the silhouette looks more... well finished. I've put a lot of time into the flow, and study of the back muscles, but the front just looks like one ginormous pot belly. a very bland one. without shape.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Out with the old, In with the new!

Haha Anthrax

Anyways, I've been doing some really sweet studies of Michelangelo's work (I always knew he was the coolest ninja turtle), and wow let me say that guy could sculpt!!! Since this whole modeling thing seems to be something that I am interested in for a career, I have decided to start doing some serious modeling.

Unfortunately the Mick Jagger is not going to be completed - his polyflow was too messed up, and the guys at work felt it was an interesting start, but not good enough - so I'm starting from scratch, and this time I can pretty much guarantee that I am going to make some ginormous mistakes, but if I can pull this off, even poorly, it's going to be a amazing learning experience. Anyways this started from a sketch that I did of a kind of prissy lady with a purse who was eyeballing me strangely for sketching on my lunch break..... aaand I came home and sat down to plan a sculpture, and kind of put two and two together as I was looking through some of the Jeanne D'arc paintings that i have. I read up on her this summer -and whoa - crazy lady, let me say - super neat story.

Well, my wrists are doing the carpal tunnel thing, so Im going to dodge the computer altogether at this point, let alone start modeling, but hopefully tomorrow I can work out some of the flaws in the drapery, and start doing some studies of individual pieces of armour (which I really know nothing about) - but I'm going to model her nude to start, then add all of the armour/drapery on top because a)for some reason that appears to be the trend in the CG community b) I seriously need to practice my anatomy and then once I nail it - show that I can do it c) it might even help me figure out why drapery does it's thing where, as I sculpt it overtop of itself.


Sorry for these, super rough, but they are more personal than anything.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

bad, sweet, bad art. better than nothing?

well nothing mindblowing this weekend (not art -wise, but went to niagra on the lake/niagra falls which was awesome) - but I started my first face in Zbrush, and started trying to learn from pictures on the internet. fun stuff.