Thursday, December 18, 2008

Anatomy Model

Monday, December 15, 2008

Perseus WIP

Working on the Perseus model some more. I'm having some problems still with the anatomy, but I am not sure what I can realistically do within the time constraints of the project.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Michelangelo Rocks my Socks

Just finishing up some sketches for bobby's thing this week. I did a study of Michelangelo's Moses (with horns, haha) which came out kind of lacking... I think I was getting kind of antsy towards the end). I also did a sketch of King Polydectes from my story. I'm still working out his design, as with the overall design of the film.

Mom's wedding program

Spent a long time working on this and got some amazing help from my roommate that really helped me push this painting further. I can't wait to try out some of that stuff on a next painting!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gorgons, Olympians, and Swords, Oh my!

Soo this weeks bobby sketch. Not a great life drawing, but I'm starting to get there with the designs in the new story change. I cannot wait to start building some of this stuff in an exciting 3rd dimension!! wahooa!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bobby's class

Feel like an idiot for not submitting the scarface sketch, or the painting from last week in Bobby's weekly sketch critique, but here is the submission.

The life drawing technique this week was to use no structure or lines at all for that matter - made some of the drawing go a bit wonky, but I think it is changing my drawing in a very positive manner.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I was watching this black and white movie this weekend and thought that I should study one to learn how they balanced all of their tones in the scene to create something with as much detail as real life and still manage to have everything read. Instead I tried to draw a friend somewhat unsuccessfully and then paused the movie to sketch this out.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Digital Sketching

Too bad I did this right after submitting my portolio to Bobby, I am thinking I should do more of these, a really fun study. can't wait to get new computer to do more!

Friday, September 26, 2008

More sketches

I have found that for café sketches it is doubly beneficial for me to sketch a lot of people from far away - that way you only pick out tonally the key features -and also they are less likely to notice you. I blocked in a lot of sketches, then made the mistake of rendering the best ones first while I was still cold. As a reslut the best rendered were the most mediocre charicatures of the bunch - but they are here anyways.

I need to do more studies of drapery, lighting, and the feel of hair before I can properly apply these while doing café sketches... but the distanced sketching helped (less details , more tone - details added later).

in the offchance that anyone is reading this - I would love to figure out how to link to other blogs... maybe I should take a day off one of these days and just figure that out + make a nice layout or something.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

tone and stuff

Had a mindblowing life drawing lesson today - changed the way that I draw, and how I approach drawing things... I'm really excited to see where I can take this.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bobby sketches

here are some life drawing/café sketches

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ani Difranco

Did some packing today - then took an hour and a bit to myself to do a study. I could finish it... or I could start a new one another day...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cake slathered in Pearl Jam

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the 4th year film. picked up some sweet free cds from the library. cooked lasagna and corn bread in a record breaking 5 hours. life is sweet. I love my guitar, I'm going to bed.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Studies, Modeling, and Guitar

Not the most eventful saturday ever, but I should be heading out with some friends later on tonight. It's very humid here, and despite the fact that it is making me lazy, I'm also bored, so I pretty much spent the entire day working on the Jeanne D'arc Model, and these drapery studies (I spared you the ugliest ones). A good hour or so in the backyard playing guitar too, but it was raining, so I didn't stick around too long, for fear of damaging the guitar. well here is the delectable delicacy of the day!

PS I'll post the Jeanne D'arc model when I've worked on it more, and the silhouette looks more... well finished. I've put a lot of time into the flow, and study of the back muscles, but the front just looks like one ginormous pot belly. a very bland one. without shape.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Out with the old, In with the new!

Haha Anthrax

Anyways, I've been doing some really sweet studies of Michelangelo's work (I always knew he was the coolest ninja turtle), and wow let me say that guy could sculpt!!! Since this whole modeling thing seems to be something that I am interested in for a career, I have decided to start doing some serious modeling.

Unfortunately the Mick Jagger is not going to be completed - his polyflow was too messed up, and the guys at work felt it was an interesting start, but not good enough - so I'm starting from scratch, and this time I can pretty much guarantee that I am going to make some ginormous mistakes, but if I can pull this off, even poorly, it's going to be a amazing learning experience. Anyways this started from a sketch that I did of a kind of prissy lady with a purse who was eyeballing me strangely for sketching on my lunch break..... aaand I came home and sat down to plan a sculpture, and kind of put two and two together as I was looking through some of the Jeanne D'arc paintings that i have. I read up on her this summer -and whoa - crazy lady, let me say - super neat story.

Well, my wrists are doing the carpal tunnel thing, so Im going to dodge the computer altogether at this point, let alone start modeling, but hopefully tomorrow I can work out some of the flaws in the drapery, and start doing some studies of individual pieces of armour (which I really know nothing about) - but I'm going to model her nude to start, then add all of the armour/drapery on top because a)for some reason that appears to be the trend in the CG community b) I seriously need to practice my anatomy and then once I nail it - show that I can do it c) it might even help me figure out why drapery does it's thing where, as I sculpt it overtop of itself.


Sorry for these, super rough, but they are more personal than anything.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

bad, sweet, bad art. better than nothing?

well nothing mindblowing this weekend (not art -wise, but went to niagra on the lake/niagra falls which was awesome) - but I started my first face in Zbrush, and started trying to learn from pictures on the internet. fun stuff.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Hey guys

it's been a while, but to be fair I spent a really long time without the internet in somewhat of a sketchy living arrangement. Suffice to say that things are muuuuch better now. Anyways, on sunday while I was kicking around the house waiting for a rainstorm, I sat outside in the garden sketching some stuff - I think there more than ever I learned that sometimes you have to cheat values quite a bit to make something look good. I kind of lost motivation when it came to the stick. The second drawing was done while I was playing Knights of the old republic again. I hate this character, but she was onscreen when I got the craving to draw. It was supposed to be everyone aboard their ship - the Ebon Hawk, but I guess I lost motivation in favour of supper.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Summer is coming! So is Camping!

Don't have a whole lot of time right now, but also don't have a whole lot to write. This is basically the latest portfolio that I handed in for life drawing. I seriously need to start using this or the livejournal thing to post art more this summer (appariently there is more of an art community there).

Hmmmm wow the theme of this one seems to be smoking. I guess between that one session of extra life, and the sketching at the mall/busstop there was just a lot of smoke going on.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

oh yeah - more friday sketches

I forgot about these- this is some stuff that I did in Bruno's class. the guy with the lute is my music teacher. and no - he doesn't dress like that - but he's still pretty awesome.

Keep on truckin'

I'm going to have a colossal post coming up once I get some batteries for my scanner as friday was a really, really good drawing day. I am continually amazed with nupastels, and I want to try painting something with them - as they are just that awesome. in any case, here is a 3D model that I have been working on for the group film. it's not quite done yet - I still need the side mirror, and door handle on one side, and there will be a muffler/axis underneath the car... or at least I think so - it doesn't appear that it will add much to the actual design that you will see, but then I might as well make this really nice so that I can stick it in a portfolio or something. Yuriy's original design, by the way.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Twiddling thumbs

Well - tonight was one of those strange nights where I had time to do stuff - and then did it, but did a poor job, and wasted that time. I wanted to paint - I practiced painting, did a poor job, and decided instead to cleanup the layout that I was trying to paint in hopes of trying it again another day. In any case , this is the fruit of my night... for better or worse. hopefully it will look nicer in painted form. Unfortunately it did not look so similar to other things that I draw all the time when I started it. mainly - I want to be able to draw moss, trees, sand, grass, and rock properly... but it looks like it is still in the works. well - on the brighter side - let's hope I can fix it up a bit another day when I paint it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Aaaalmost there!

Soooo despite starting on friday, this project is taking much longer, and is much more ambitious than I thought it would be, but I have learned so much along the way that even if it doesn't work it was totally worth it. plus I'd at least be able to custom-scale the object to my character's head if I wanted to play the game with it, but I'm running into problems now on making it universal for everyone. but so as not to completely bore you to death, here is the bandana in the game- normal map, and texture included. *sigh of relief* I want this project to be done so I can start on a new one :D.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The modding trials round 3

alright so all my other attempts at modeling have been crowned with a glorious disaster, but we'll see how this one fares. here is the bandana that I made as a test to see if I can import it into the game. I'll start small this time, then build up. and this time I know it's possible to get it into the engine.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

1hr 38 min worht of reasons why Kevin Lanning is my new hero

Alright - so I picked up an AMAZING book on 3D modeling - not so much because it broke down HOW they did it, but because it showed the low poly meshes of a few of the models in gears of war. WOW. first of all, I lost hte ability to speak in words after seeing how they solved stuff, and just how amazing their work is, and then after hours of studying how they use bevels to create edgeloops (making it very, very easy - totally second nature) I was able to literally poop out this model. the last model didn't have anywhere near as much detail as this one, as nice edge loops - nor was it anywhere near as fast to make.

I'm now very confident that I can make realistic-ish 3D models, and I want to do a few deformation tests on this to see what it looks like, and my next project will be a realistic face. possibly a celebrity. I'm feeling old Ben Kenobi right now, actually. then after that I'll play in Zbrush for a bit, and hit some UV mapping tutorials. This summer is going to be the greatest summer EVER!

oh and if anyone wants to see my demo reel:

check out mine, and anyone else in our 3rd year program! Adios guys!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Imperial March

okay - so I'm not actually listening to any music.. .but the Empire Strikes Back Menu music is the imperial march, it has been going on for the last hour on repeat as I keep telling myself - just one more step before I can turn it off. and now I have. What an awesome movie.

Anyways, so here is the model the quick colour sketch, and the colours the model is supposed to be, and the render. wow. once this works, it's going to be beautiful... Mike Watters- you are a god of maya.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sympathy for the Devil

I'm running out of names, so I'm just going to start listing the songs that I'm listening to as titles unless I have something more appropriate. Expect a lot of Rolling Stones and Floyd... I'm on a very strange kick with both of them lately. Anyways - the silhouette is coming even closer, and Mike is going to help me render him and have the model look totally awesome for a portfolio. I can honestly say that this is the best that I can do - every ounce of effort that I have is going into this model. I wonder what I'm going to do with it afterwards? lol Guitar hero?